10 + 1 benefits of booking a VIP Transfer Service in Greece – The complete 2020 list

The VIP Transfer service in 2020, is the evolution of the transfer, the airport transfer and the executive travel services of the previous decade.

The new decade has redefined the term “service”, as more and more companies worldwide change their priorities, focusing on the customer experience for the first time

The impeccable quality of service plays a huge role in making the final decision as a customer, but as long as it comes to an industry with thousands of high-quality options that originally targets demanding customers, you should search for the service that provides you with a unique travel experience.

What is the difference between a regular Transfer and a VIP Transfer service?

By choosing a VIP Transfer service for your next travel you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Privacy

There are three ways to get an Airport Transfer in Greece:

  • Book your Transfer in advance
  • Book a Transfer at the airport agency
  • Get a Transfer outside the airport

In all the above cases you can request a private ride, but if you don’t, you might have to share your ride with others. The capacity of a Transfer vehicle is usually between 7 – 8 persons and when there are two bookings that share the same time of arrival and destination, some drivers merge two routes into one for their own convenience.

A VIP Transfer is always private: Your driver will pick you up at the airport and get you straight to your hotel without delays.  Of course, there is the option to make stops if you want to, or modify the route according to your needs.

2. Luxury Fleet

A brand new vehicle has always a glare of luxury, either if it is your own or of rent. By using a VIP Transfer Service you can be sure that you will always travel in the newest transfer vehicles of the top car manufactures of the world, since the fleet is renewed almost every year.

Imagine that you travel to your favorite greek destination, you book your transportation from a specific company of your choice and you enjoy a convenient trip with a brand new vehicle, clean and shiny, with lots of extras like table, refrigerator, wifi, pillows for your neck, air conditioning, convertible sits and so much more.

Imagine now, that you have to travel again to the same destination the next year, and you find an upgraded vehicle waiting for you at the airport. The process of exploring the new vehicle edition of one of the leading car manufacturing companies is itself a new experience, not mentioning the upgrade in the convenience.

3. Certified Drivers

When you travel in a foreign country you have to trust your driver, not only because he is responsible for your safety, but also because he is the first and the most relevant person to provide you with useful information about your stay. 

A VIP Transfer Service, usually has a team of certified drivers, with years of experience in VIP customer service, trained to assist you even in the most demanding situations. 

Why is this important? 

A driver that has previous work experience driving for celebrities, international business executives and even government executives, is possible to have faced situations where the customer is followed, spied-on or in need of special health care. This driver has advanced driving skills to prevent accidents, while  his medical training can save your life in case of a health emergency.

4. Personalized routes

When booking your Transfer you can choose from a long list of routes and destinations, but a VIP service offers you the opportunity to design your personalized route.

  • Select your pickup location
  • Select your destination
  • Select your vehicle
  • Define the stops of the route or special places that you want to visit

Don’t forget to consult your agent on trip duration. You can change your plan any time you want

5. Entertainment for long drives

A long drive can be boring and exhausting, but not while travelling with a VIP transfer service. An entertainment box with an HD screen, a game console and a headset is the minimum equipment that you can find under your sit. 

In case that you have any special preference regarding your entertainment, you can always make a special request before your arrival and you will find a special entertainment installation prepared to make your trip fascinating. 

For the customers that enjoy traditional ways of entertainment, the route can be modified to include visits to landmarks, museums, or places of interest that are in the way to your destination.

6. Sightseeing

A private Sightseeing Tour for you and your friends with a personal guide, is always more fun than following around a huge group of tourists. By booking a VIP Sightseeing tour, you can spend the day as a local, visit only the places that you want to see, taste traditional products, shop until you drop at the local markets and have full control of your schedule. 

7. Security

8. Connectivity

When travelling for business you should be able to answer your mails and download documents on the road. VIP Transfer services were first designed to cover the needs of travelling executives and this is why they always provide their customers with portable desks, fast Wifi connectivity, charging devices and anything they might need to create a friendly working environment.

If you are on vacation, you can benefit from the fast internet connectivity to stream your adventures live on your social media and upload photos from the amazing landscapes that you visit. 

9. 24/7 availability

A VIP Service has no opening hours. Bookings and scheduled tours are taking place 24/7 and there are always available drivers and vehicles in your service.
10. 360 transportation

A good thing with VIP Transformation is the 360 service. What does this mean? Let’s say you need to travel with a Private plane, then book a transfer for travelling around and then book another private flight to travel back home. You can only make one booking at the same service that will provide you both with private flights and private transportation, giving you piece of mind and excellence of service.

11. Loyalty programs

If you have used a VIP service before you might be already familiar with the loyalty programs, the special gifts and the special discounts that you may earn after a certain number of travel miles.